I have partnered with Geospace on projects ranging from physical product development, to marketing support, digital presence and packaging. Below are snippets of a few projects that I have overseen, wearing hats of designer, art director, creative director, producer and writer.
With an already successful, multiple award-winning product in Word Spin, all we needed to do was translate the existing brand into a quirky, super-fun and functional UI/UX. We worked with and learned from the outstanding team of developers at RogueSheep to create this wildly popular App.
When Geospace showed me the first prototype of the Beasty Buddies hat collection, I was immediately excited about the possibilities. The project involved new design opportunities that included trips to Hong Kong and China to approve our print designs and custom fabrics. 
My partnership with Geospace has been an enduring one, so there has been a lot of work throughout the years. The thumbnails below represent just a small sample of products and brands that have been successfully developed and launched into retail.​​​​​​​
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